Funeral Directors in Hervey Bay

At some time in our lives, we all must face the reality of death. For many people, this can be an unpleasant and disturbing thought. It is part of nature to put unpleasant thoughts, such as death, out of our mind. Recognising death means becoming aware of our own mortality. The result is that, when a death does occur, family and friends are often unprepared for the decisions and arrangements that have to be made. When there is a death, important decisions have to be made quickly. J Kirk & Sons can help to make those decisions a little easier.


Maryborough and Hervey Bay Funeral Services

J Kirk & Sons make available the following funeral services:

  • Use of private chapels in Maryborough and Hervey Bay
  • Professional 24hr services
  • Choice of male or female funeral attendants
  • Qualified embalmer
  • Qualified grief and trauma counsellor
  • Trained staff to organise funerals for local regional, interstate and shipment overseas
  • Liaise with clergy and co-ordinate church requirements for all denominations
  • Facilities to effectively transfer to and from our mortuaries, 24 hours per day
  • Use of private viewing rooms
  • Private conference facilities
  • A wide selection of caskets to satisfy any personal wish
  • Procurement of necessary death certificate and required copies from doctor or hospital
  • Completion of registration with the government registrar
  • Obtaining the necessary cremation certificate from the registrar
  • Arranging additional death certificates from a qualified practitioner
  • Liaison with crematorium or cemetery for reservation of time and grave requirements.
  • Fulfilling any wishes concerning Lodge, R.S.L etc.,
  • Preparing and inserting notices in press (city, suburban, country and interstate)
  • Insertion of Lodge or other special notes

Guidance Funeral Plan

Pre-planning your own funeral is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful things you can do for your family. It relieves them of the responsibility of making difficult decisions during an emotional time. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out. To enquire about our Guidance Funeral Plan, please complete our Enquiries Form or contact us directly on 07 4121 4183 (Maryborough Office) or 07 4124 2524 (Hervey Bay Office).

Arranging A Funeral

The death of a loved one is a very difficult and stressful time, where important decisions and arrangements have to be made. When choosing a funeral director, you need to look for someone who is understanding, courteous, prompt, efficient, and of good character and reputation.Choosing J Kirk & Sons to carry out your funeral needs will relieve a great load of worry and stress for you. We will assist you in arranging all the necessary details to carry out a funeral.

Funeral Bonds

Funeral expenses can run into thousands of dollars, adding unnecessary stress to your family during their time of grief. Today, we plan for many events such as holidays, weddings, children and retirement. We even prepare ourselves financially for unpredictable events such as fires, illness and accidents. Planning your funeral is no different. By taking out a funeral bond, you can ease the burden of funeral expenses.  It provides you and your loved ones with a sense of security, knowing that your needs and those of your family will be cared for. Importantly, it also provides concessions for pensioners as well as possible taxation benefits.
J Kirk & Sons are 100% locally owned and Australian owned. We are agents for Australian Unity (meeting the investment needs of Australians for over 160 years), Life Plan Australia Friendly Society and Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd (serving Australians since 1935). To enquire about funeral bonds, please complete our Enquiries Form or contact us directly.

The Female Touch

Having served the funeral industry since 1865, J Kirk & Sons can now offer a modern approach to funeral direction. J Kirk & Sons provide the service of all female funerals, if required. This gives you the choice to have the funeral of a loved one carried out by either female or male attendants. This service enables the bereaved to feel more at ease, especially as some people find it more comfortable to discuss funeral arrangements with a woman. Our caring and qualified staff are there to listen to your needs, guarantee personal attention and offer a complete funeral service with dignity, sensitivity and honour. 

Funeral Costs

The cost of a funeral depends on the individual choices you have made. We will discuss with you the type of service you would like and complete a written estimate as a guide to the total cost of the funeral. Prior to the day of the service, when all arrangements are finalised, we will confirm the actual funeral cost, which will form the statement of account. Funeral costs include:
Funeral Directors Charges: This includes our service fee, embalming if required, after hours transfer of the deceased if required, use of our facilities and vehicles.
Coffin or Casket: Depending on your selection, as they do differ in price. We can assist you in choosing a coffin or casket according to how much you wish to spend and what you consider appropriate.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be eligible for a government allowance to help with the funeral costs. To alleviate any additional stress to the family, J Kirk & Sons will notify these departments at the time of arranging a funeral.


These departments include:

Centrelink: Entitlements are often available for the following people: Married pensioners, Single pensioners, Carers pensioners and Sole Parent pensioners.

Department of Veteran Affairs: If the deceased was an ex-service person, you may be entitled to a funeral benefit.

Disclaimer: It is a requirement that funeral information is in accordance with the Fair Trading (Funeral Pricing) Regulation 2022, contained in the Fair Trading Act 1989.

To discuss any funeral costs or details, please contact us on

07 4121 4183