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William Kirk (Kirke) was born in Wick, Caithness, Scotland on January 25, 1839. Upon arrival in Maryborough in 1865, Kirk took over the business of Dann and Co. upholsterer and cabinetmakers. The business was located in Adelaide Street, Maryborough near The Central Hotel. A year later, Kirk conducted his first funeral for a John Tinkler who had died in an accident in October 1866.

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Kirk was in partnership with Meekin (Mechin) for a year, then in March 1870, the long partnership of Kirk & Winston was formed. On April 14, 1872, a fire began in Kirk and Winston's cabinetmakers business and destroyed the Shakespeare (the Theatre Royal) — a store owned by Mr. Nightingale and Mr. Kruger's butchery. Benjamin Winston died in November 1902. In August 1904, Mrs. Winston sold his share to James Kirk (son of William Kirk) and the name was changed to Kirk & Son.

Jimmy Kirk’s Waiting Place

Kirk and Winston were called upon to bury the two Kanakas in a part of the cemetery set aside for felons. George and Tommy were executed on May 18, 1877, for the rape and mutilation of Mrs. McBride (a portable gallows brought from Brisbane). They were executed near the Court House (now the town hall green). When they were deceased, the doctor wanted to remove their heads for preservation in the Queensland Museum, but the Sheriff would not allow it. The Town Hall Green seats have since been known by the locals as Jimmy Kirk’s waiting place, meaning they are sitting there waiting for the undertaker.

    Our Heritage is Dedication to Service

    Service is something more felt by its absence than in its presence, for true service is never obtrusive. We are dedicated to such thoughtful service, the alleviation of bereavement in every way possible without intrusion, without being ostentatious. Your funeral director is available to discuss with you at any time and without any obligation the specific details of burials, cremations or pre-planned funerals.
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    Contact us at any time to discuss your specific funeral details.

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